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Welcome to Mystic Dive Center!

The most established scuba diving school nearby and arranged in the wonderful environmental elements of Playa Ventanas Beach with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the regular magnificence of the rainforest on the other and the Caribbean waters on the southern piece of Costa Rica.

Welcome to Mystic Dive Center. We are the most settled scuba diving school nearby and are arranged in the wonderful environmental elements of Playa Ventanas Beach with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the regular magnificence of the rainforest on the other and the Caribbean waters on the southern piece of Costa Rica.

 Our main buildings and facilities have recently gone some wonderful innovation adding to it, modern roofing and excellent painting job on concrete walls. From a simple bungalow to a modern edifice, Mystic Dive Center has surmounted our goal to provide a save haven for those who want to learn to dive.

An ideal excursion objective where you will have the amazing chance to encounter all the water and land-based exercises it brings to the table. From scuba jumping and swimming, ocean and waterway kayaking, climbing, horseback riding to picturesque, untamed life boat visits, and fishing trips.

Mystic Dive Center offers an assortment of expert submerged administrations from directed diving to a total scope of PADI courses. Our scuba and swimming campaigns goes to both Caño Island and Ballena National Marine Reserve which are both public parks and eminent for their flawless natural life. At these two delightful islands, hope to see the plentiful marine life going from reef sharks, dolphins, humpback whales, monster manta beams, ocean turtles, puffer fish, holy messenger and barracuda to give some examples.

However, we are not related with one explicit lodging, our staff would gladly help you in making game plans for facilities. There are accommodations in the place and nearby towns, which make it very easy for you.

Diving Classes

We offer diving classes for both newbies and intermediate.  Contact us to learn more about the different diving courses we offer.

What to Expect on Your Diving Classes?

As with any adventurous sports, scuba plunging conveys some gamble. During your vast water course, you will find out about the perils associated with plunging including decompression ailment, uncontrollable flows, and gear disappointments. Be that as it may, through appropriate preparation, satisfactory arrangement before each jump and a first-rate plunge plan, the likelihood of a mishap happening is insignificant. As an additional safeguard, divemaster and teachers are prepared in perceiving possible risks and jumper salvage in the far-fetched occasion that any mishap ought to happen during your instructional class. Professional divers will be with you throughout your journey, so you don’t have to worry about safety.

Can I Become a Certified Scuba Diver?

That is truly dependent upon you! The length of the vast water affirmation course fluctuates, most plunge habitats offer an assortment of plans to accommodate your timetable and necessities. Courses last at least three days; however, the useful meetings, restricted jumps and untamed water plunges can be fanned out more than a couple of months assuming your timetable requires this.

Diving and Snorkeling Expedition: Caño Island –Ballena National Marine Park

The charges for snorkeling and scuba diving expeditions are paid in US dollars. The following rates apply to the diving lessons:

Snorkeling and Diving at Cano Island with a minimum of 8 snorkelers and 4 divers. 

  • Scuba Diving (2 tanks): $150.00
  • Snorkeling $100.00

 Where Caño Island Is Located Caño Island?

Biological Reserve is found 16.5 kms west of the Osa Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean and comprise of 300 hectares of land and 2,700 hectares of ocean. The barbed shoreline is 10 kms in length with little sea shores of white sand, rough stages and bluffs up to 60 meters high. In the focal point of the island there is a wide level which is separated into two sections by a watershed which is confounded by waterways and streams that dive down the precipices to the ocean.

The topographical history of the island shows that it is the result of plate structural setting, and for this situation the subduction of the Cocos Plate underneath the Caribbean Plate. The woodland on the island is predominantly made out of lasting species average of extremely sodden tropical backwoods. Dominating species in the essential woodland are fig trees, insects, wild cacaos, elastic trees, various plants epiphytes and the cow tree accepted to have been planted by the local Indians.

The environment is extremely hot and moist with normal temperatures of 26° – 28°C. Caño Island likewise offers a variety of fish species free waters encompassing the island and should be visible either by encountering swimming or scuba jumping.

Diving Sites at Caño Island?

 Fortunately, the Cano Island is rich in popular diving sites. The following are just few of the diving sites we can visit during your classes. Depending on your level of diving skills, we can tackle more complex diving sites.


Cueva Del Tiburon known as the Shark Cave is encircled by delightful white tip reef sharks. Different occupants of the area incorporate heavenly messengers, butterfly, maidens, parrot fish, Moorish symbols, lobsters, puffers, sturgeon fish. Intermittent guests like the mantas and stingrays can likewise be found in this space which adds to a lifetime experience for any jumper.


Los Arcos or The Arches are comprised of novel stone developments framed looking like curves. Jumpers can swim through these transcending submerged curves and see fish life like the Shark Cave because of its closeness.


El Barco has no disaster area here except for is alluded as the disaster area. It is comprised of an assortment of rock arrangements with regions with the amplest hard corals. The huge exhibit of fish life gives jumpers chances to experience white tip reef sharks, manta beams and incidental ocean turtles.


Paraiso or Paradise is popular for its bountiful marine life which offers jumpers the experience-to-experience whitetip sharks, schools of huge groupers, snappers, fish and its numerous more modest types of exotic fish.

Job Opportunity

We accept applications for professional scuba diving instructors. As we gear up for summer, more tourists and students will be visiting us to learn how to dive. We will need your help to train various students to become good divers. Compensation shall be given monthly.

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